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Phoenix Flight Gear 135mm Carbon Fiber Micro-H Frame 7mm Edition

Phoenix Flight Gear 135mm Carbon Fiber Micro-H Frame 7mm Edition

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Accessory Top Plate 135mm
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Phoenix Flight Gear 135mm Carbon Fiber Micro-H Frame

**Fits ONLY MICROs with 7mm Motors**

Electronics & Top Plate are optional

**Fits ONLY MICROs with 7mm Motors**

This micro frame is a blast to fly and easy to build!

The frame is cut from solid carbon fiber with 3k twill weave and a high gloss finish. This frame was designed to be as minimalist as possible of the best in flight times and agility. Our choice of rubber motor mounts was for a couple of reasons, eliminates any extra hardware, keep the frame light and easy to build. Another great benefit of the rubber motor mounts is that they will absorb vibration from the micro motors and propellers.

Building this micro as a micro FPV drone is also a possibility. With a micro camera / TX unit mounted you can take this micro quad just about anywhere. Purchase the top mounting accessory plate (sold separately) to give your micro quad a finish look or if you need more space to mount a micro TX unit etc. Small enough to fly indoors and powerful enough to fly outdoors in a light breeze. Flight times are around 7 min depending on your build specifics.

Building this micro quad could not be easier, the motors slip into the motor mounts, the AlienWii mounts to the center of the frame with adhesive tape. Bind and attach a DSM2 compatible satellite receiver and you’ll be ready to fly. The default flight settings for the AlienWii will get you in the air and flying without connecting to a computer, uploading firmware or dealing with complicated PID settings. Should you want to do some additional tuning of the flight controller, programing is done through Arduino and the MultiwiiConf utility.

  • 1 - Phoenix Flight Gear 135mm Carbon Fiber Micro-H Frame
  • 4 - 7mm motor grommets
  • Adhesive foam
  • Fish line
  • Adhesive Velcro
  • Motor bumper foam
  • Frame weight: 10g

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"