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Phoenix Flight Gear 242 Xtreme Flight Ring  Carbon Fiber Frame

Phoenix Flight Gear 242 Xtreme Flight Ring Carbon Fiber Frame

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Phoenix Flight Gear 242 Xtreme Flight Ring

Carbon Fiber Frame

*The One Piece Frame for the RcLogger EyeONE Xtreme*

**Shown with optional Short Landing Gear
Electronics, LEDs and Props NOT INCLUDED**

(Frame Only)

**GoPro / Mobius can easily be mounted to the frame and keep props out of view, GoPro Camera NOT INCLUDED**

The Flight Ring 242, a single piece carbon fiber frame designed for speed and efficiency for acrobatic flight and light FPV.

The single piece frame design has many benefits for both the build and flight. No frame assembly required! CNC cut from 1.5mm carbon fiber. We have designed and test flown to ensure that this design is easy to build, easy to fly, durable, and most importantly, fun to fly for the novice and experienced. The ring design in the event of a crash the frame will have a tendency to roll out the crash instead of spearing into the ground and snapping an arm or damaging a motor.

We incorporated a wide center section that runs from the front to the rear of the frame allowing you to mount just about anything that you want to carry. With the center section running front to rear you can hard mount your GoPro or other FPV camera up front without props in the shot. Your video downlink can mount onto the rear away from your electronics and mount your battery in-between to balance your center of gravity. Also available for purchase is an optional accessory mounting plate. It will attach to the frame with a few included standoffs and screws allowing you to mount additional electronics or cover the FC system and radio system giving a finished, classy look.

Weighing in at less than 47 grams it is lightest frame PFG has to offer. The single piece 1.5mm thin frame minimizes the airframes wind resistance providing high efficiency in flight. The choice of carbon fiber as the frame material was an easy one; carbon fiber is lighter, thinner and more rigid than glass fiber alternatives such as G10/FR4.

The 242 Xtreme Flight Ring frame conversion will take about two hours and require basic hobby skills. The frame will work with both the stock brushless Xtreme motors with slight modification to the motor mounts or upgrade to the RcTiger MT1306-20 motors and Rc Tiger Motor 6x2 T-Motor Carbon Fiber Props for a huge gain in performance.

Weight: 47g

Phoenix Flight Gear 242 Xtreme Flight Ring Carbon Fiber Frame
Motor Wire
Shrink Tube
4 - M2x3 spacers
12 - M2 locknuts
4 - M2 washers
8 - M2x6 screws

#1 phillips screw driver
Small standard screwdriver
1.3mm allen wrench
2.0mm allen wrench
4mm nutdriver
Solder iron/station
1/16" drill bit
Low strength thread locker

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"