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Phoenix Flight Gear Carbon Fiber 200QX Five Piece Mini-H Frame Kit
Phoenix Flight Gear Carbon Fiber 200QX Five Piece Mini-H Frame Kit

Phoenix Flight Gear Carbon Fiber 200QX Five Piece Mini-H Frame Kit

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Phoenix Flight Gear Carbon Fiber 200QX

Five Piece Mini-H Frame kit

New carbon fiber frame with replaceable arms


This new five piece 1.5mm 3k twill weave solid carbon fiber frame is based off of our popular carbon fiber one piece carbon fiber 200QX frame. This multi piece frame is great for the new flyer or experienced acrobatic pilot. Should you end up crashing and breaking an arm, only two screws hold it to the body of the frame making repair simple. Remove the broken arm, swap your motor onto a new arm and get back in the arm in minutes instead of having to rebuild your entire QX. We kept the frame within the same footprint as the stock frame to utilize any cases that are available for the stock 200QX This will fit into any of those cases with little to no modification to the case foam. These mods allow you to take your 200QX to the next level.

Durability was a crucial component of the frame design. After experiencing tragic failure of the stock Blade 200QX frame on a very early flight we first wanted to get more aggressive in our flights and the stock frame just didn’t seem up to the task. The motors mount to replaceable carbon fiber arms with just a motor spacer and M7 jam nut to keep weight down. Mounting points on the arms allow for three types of landing gear. The included standoff landing gear or RcLogger Xtreme EyeOne landing gear, both the 38mm and 79mm landing legs will work.

Lightening of the frame was easy, minimal hardware to secure the arms and material removed from the central frame also improves airflow on your 4-in-1 ESC board. Reducing the overall wind profile of the craft is another great benefit of this frame, providing faster forward flight less affected by crosswinds. Airflow improvements have greatly helped in our high stress acro flights of the 200QX and turn a stock mini quad into the high performance CarbonFiber 200QX Mini H.

Longer flights have also been made possible through the elimination of the battery compartment allowing for the installation of any 800-1500 2 cell batteries with a JST connector. Battery consumption is much lower with all of the bulky plastic frame gone, less motor power is required to perform arial maneuvers reducing current draw on the FET’s. With the the stock canopy frame removed we found that the ESC board runs around 50 degrees cooler, even during high current draw sport flight.

For FPV or aerial photography buffs out there we have made a board cam mounting plate. Screw on the top mount accessory plate and mount your VTX up top or, use the platform off the back of the frame to mount your electronics. With the drastic weight reduction over the stock frame adding some lightweight FPV gear won’t overload your quad. If you want to film your flight many of the action cameras available will mount right under the nose and the slots in the central frame will allow for many mounting tie points. We mounted our Mobius under and were able to film prop free video.

For the build process the 200QX frame splits apart and all of the internal electronics are held and mounted with 8 #0 phillips screws and the motors have just a acorn nut holding them in place. No soldering, lengthening of motor wires or advanced skill is needed, the entire process takes 45-60 minuets to complete.

This update to our one piece 200QX frame has a couple improvements to the durability of the frame, replaceable arms to reduce repair cost and time in the event of arm first landing, keyed holes for the stock motors to mount and multiple motor mounting options. Spacing on the motor holes will accommodate a variety of motors that mount on 12-14mm spacing.

Frame, arms and arm HW: 21.8
Included 40mm legs: 5.5g
FPV cam, plate, tab with hardware 5g
Accessory plate with hardware: 8g

Weights for comparison:
Carbon Fiber 200QX One piece frame: 17g
Carbon Fiber 200QX One piece HD frame: 22.5g

1 - 1.5mm Carbon Fiber 200QX Five Piece Mini-H Body
4 - 1.5mm Carbon Fiber 200QX Five Piece Arms
4 - M3x6 screws
4 - M3x40 nylon landing leg standoffs
8 - M2x6 screws
8 - M2 locknuts
4 - M1.4x4 self tapping screws
4 - Motor mount spacers
4 - M7 Jam nuts
Adhesive Foam
Adhesive Velcro
Fish Line
Velcro strap

2.0mm allen wrench
1.3mm allen wrench
#0 Phillips head screwdriver
4mm Nut driver

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"
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