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Phoenix Flight Gear CarbonSpyder 330mm FPV Quad Frame
Phoenix Flight Gear CarbonSpyder 330mm FPV Quad Frame

Phoenix Flight Gear CarbonSpyder 330mm FPV Quad Frame

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Phoenix Flight Gear CarbonSpyder

330mm FPV Quad Frame

This frame designed for FPV flight and great transportability without sacrificing performance or agility. The two frame plates that for the body of the frame are made out of solid 1.5mm carbon fiber that has a 3k twill weave and a high gloss finish. Arms are also cut from the same solid carbon fiber in 3mm to keep down frame weight and provide a easily replaced arm in case of a crash. The solid carbon fiber frame keeps the frame strong and light weight, with the high gloss finish you will be the envy of your friends at the flight field.

Use of the single piece arms makes for a much simpler build not requiring all of the additional hardware and pieces associated with motor mount plates and multi piece arms. In the even of a damaged arm, two screws hold the arm to the frame, four screws hold your motor, remove them swap the arm with a spare (sold separately) and get back in the air, not back to the workbench.

The CarbonSpyder 330mm FPV Quad has been designed and outfitted with a variety of build types. Intended to satisfy the growing hobby of multi rotor flight and arial photography, this quad is simple to build and fly for the beginner who is looking for a economical entry to multirotors. With consideration to developing your skills, you can upgrade, tune and customize the CarbonQuad to your liking. Upgrade with high efficiency motors, propellers, FPV equipment and gimbals or, the addition of flight controller accessories as you hone your skills. The frame has been designed to be easy to build with minimal hardware and a simple layout.

Balancing your drone is crucial for quality flight. The CarbonQuad 330 is easy to balance, even with all the FPV gear you need attached. Several build configurations allow you to use this quad as a sport/leisure craft, several camera mounting options also allows you to film your fight. If you want to fly FPV then you are able to mount your camera on the included board camera mounting plate. A top mounted accessory plate help to secure and protect your FPV video downlink and battery. Should you want to take some stabilized arial footage, the CarbonGear CarbonQuad 330/470 Gimbal Mount Plate will allow you to mount a ZenMuse H3-3D gimbal. Combine that with the Gimbal Plate Board Mount Kit and you can fly FPV and get great stabilized arial footage.

Required for build:
Motor 2212-2216 class
Battery 3s 2500, 4s 2200
Flight Controller
Minimum 6 channel radio system
Common base build component recommendations:
Dji 2212 920kv motors
Dji 8x4.5 props
Sparky flight controller
18a Opto ESC
4s 2200mah battery

Hop-up sport build component recommendations:
RcTiger motors
Graupner 8x5 props
Sparky flight controller
30a Maytech with Simon K firmware ESC
4s 1300-4s 2200 battery

FPV rig build recommendations:

Dji 2212 920kv motors
Graupner 8x5 props
18a Opto ESC
4s 2200mah battery
FatShark Predator V2 package (includes all required FPV components)

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"