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Phoenix Flight Gear Custom Built 110mm Micro-H 7mm Motor Nano Copter Bind-n-Fly
Phoenix Flight Gear Custom Built 110mm Micro-H 7mm Motor Nano Copter Bind-n-Fly

Phoenix Flight Gear Custom Built 110mm Micro-H 7mm Motor Nano Copter Bind-n-Fly

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Phoenix Flight Gear Custom Built 110mm Micro-H 7mm

Motor Nano Copter Bind-n-Fly

**This micro copter comes Custom built just Bind N Fly**

Just add TX from dropdown box to make a Ready To Fly, Will bind to ANY SPEKTRUM Transmitter

**We Solder on a Hubsan style connector so larger batteries can be used**

**Shown with OPTIONAL Top Accessory Plate and 3D Printed Accessories**

This micro frame is a blast to fly and easy to build!

We have a great universal micro-h frame, ultra light, weighing in at only 7 grams. Simple grommet motor mounts hold a 7mm motor to give you the power to fly your micro outdoors or with a small FPV system. Designed to work with many of the popular micro quads, Hubsan X4, Blade Nano QX, Walkera Ladybird or any other micro quad you want to try.

Upgrading the motors on your micro quad really is a game changer. If you have been limited to flying indoors or outdoors on the rare breezeless day, upgrading your motors to 7mm will let you fly with all the power you’ll need to sport fly outdoors and also fly with a micro FPV system. You can also break away from the micro batteries that you have been restricted to run due to battery compartment or payload capability. We have been flying batteries in the 500-750mah range with flight times around 5-10 min depending on build.

The frame is cut from 1.0mm sold carbon fiber 3K twill weave with a high gloss finish. We designed this frame to be as minimalist as possible of the best in flight times and agility. Our choice of rubber motor mounts was for a couple of reasons, eliminates any extra hardware, keep the frame light and easy to build. Another great benefit of the rubber motor mounts is that they will absorb vibration from the micro motors and propellers.

  • Phoenix Flight Gear 110mm Carbon Fiber Micro-H Frame
  • 4 - 7mm motor grommets
  • Adhesive foam
  • Fish line
  • Adhesive velcro
  • Motor bumper foam

CL-0720-12 - coreless motor set, 7x20mm

(Speed: medium, for AlienWii and Nano QX FC)

**Comes with 4 Motors 2CW, 2CCW**

The CL-0720-12 is ideal for:

- Carrying cameras (efficient, smooth throttle response)
- Acrobatics (high torque, accurately matched CW/CCW pairs)
- Indoor flying (moderate top speed)

High quality coils specifically selected for micro copters make this motor produce more thrust and consume less electricity than most other coreless motors of this size. The perfect compromise for efficient but powerful flights!

The motors come with pre-fitted Micro-JST-1.25 plugs, compatible to the AlienWii flight controllers and to the Blade Nano QX flight controllers.

For fearless acro flying, we recommend the insanely durable 120mm polycarbonate frame with 7mm mounts.

The motors will work on many other micro quads (click "parts for RTF models" on the top menu for a model list), for most models (e.g. Hubsan, WLToys) you will need to solder the motors to the flight controller.


Speed: 12.000Kv
Operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
Max. thrust: 24g (Hubsan X4 propeller)
1.5A load current at 3.7V (Hubsan X4 propeller)

  • can diameter: 7mm
  • can length: 20mm
  • shaft diameter: 1mm
  • shaft length: 5mm
  • weight: 3.4g
  • wire length: 8cm
  • plugs: Micro-JST 1.25 plugs, pre-fitted

All motor packs contain equal amounts of clockwise and counter clockwise motors. To maximise performance and life span, dont run them in reverse!

Motor rotation and correct polarity is indicated by the wire color:

clockwise: red +, blue -
counter clockwise: white +, black

4-in-1 Control Unit Rx/ESCs/Gyro: Nano QX FPV

Hubsan Rotor for H107L Black & White - Props

Hubsan X4 H107 Propeller Blades Props Rotor Set Factory Units H107L H107D H107C

2 Black Propellers
2 White Propellers

**Micro Motor Tips**

1-Drill props with #62 drill bit so they press on all the way.
2-Rest motor bottom end cap on corner of a table or something to keep it from popping off when you push the props on.
3-Add a little epoxy to the edges of the bottom end caps to keep them from popping off in a crash or when pushing props on.
4-Let motors cool a little in between battery packs.
5-Replace nicked or damaged props as damaged props will cause the motor to run hotter and will affect efficiency.
6-Make sure micro is balanced as an unbalanced micro will not fly as well and motors will run hotter and will affect efficiency.
7-Buy spares because if you crash a lot you will need them.

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"