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Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly 252mm Folding Mini-H FPV LED Frame

Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly 252mm Folding Mini-H FPV LED Frame

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Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly

252mm Folding Mini-H FPV LED Frame

Extremely Durable and LED Capable for Night Flight

**All Photos below are sample pics, all electronics and props DO NOT come with the frame kit. 

Please see INCLUDES description below**

**Shown with optional Phoenix Flight Lights LED Kit**

**Shown with optional Phoenix Flight Lights LED Kit**

Comprised of highly durable and crashworthy polycarbonate this frame has two distinct advantages over other frames, LED mounting locations in the base of each arm and two central frame LED locations to light this frame up. When lit with the optional LED kit the polycarbonate frame and arms will glow brightly giving better orientation indication day and especially at night. Build this frame and mount your favorite motors, ESC’s and flight control on a great mini FPV platform. We have put this frame together to accommodate the popular options in motors, flight control and FPV gear.

Reducing the complexity of building many mini FPV frames, we removed the redundant frame levels, multi part cages and, complicated, multi stage assembly. What this means is you get just what you need in a mini FPV multicopter. The wide open design and construction allows easy access to the many components that make up a FPV quad enabling easy in the field repairing or reconfiguring of the build as your components change and upgrade.

Our folding frame body is cut from 3/16” poly and the arms 3/16” for strength. The top cage and accessory plates are cut from 1/16” to conserve weight. The center section of the frame has multiple wire routing holes to utilize and tie to, battery strap slots and, flight controller mounting that will accommodate most board style flight controllers with a 30x30 to 45x45mm mounting. Power distribution can sometimes get in the way of a clean build so we recommend using a Mini Power Distribution Board with Power Filter for VTX and Camera for both your flight and the FPV system reducing weight, simplifying the build and giving clean filtered power to your video transmission electronics. Reducing the overall weight of the build was also accomplished through the use of nylon hardware where possible, retaining steel hardware for the crucial folding arm mounting. 

Two accessory plates/trays are available from Phoenix Flight Gear. Should you want more room to secure, mount or build up your frame purchase the Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly Accessory Mount Kit which includes one 1/16” thick polycarbonate plate that can be mounted in front of or behind the FC. The Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly Flight Control Mount Kit can be installed over your power distribution board and can provide a surface mount for your flight controller or cover an open board to protect it. 

Multiple motor mounting options have been thought of, the motor hole spacing has been slotted at 12-16mm spacing. This spacing will work with many of the mini motors out. Phoenix Flight Gear recommends powering with the RcTiger MN1806-14 motor. Securing all of the electronics involved with FPV has been worked into the design, the many slots cut throughout the frame serve two purposes, first to secure components to the frame and second to lighten the frame. Many prototypes have been cut and revisions made to ensure that the central frame is strong enough and light enough for FPV flight. The top cage has four SMA antenna holes to remotely locate your video tx antenna; two forward and two to the rear. Many strap slots and wire routing options are cut into the top cage should you want to mount your VTX, battery, antennas, etc…

Note: Due to the thickness of the polycarbonate arms, Phoenix Flight Gear recommends using the included M2x6 screws as the screws commonly included with mini motors are too short.

1 - 3/16" Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly Frame
1 - 1/16" Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly Top Cage
4 - 3/16”   Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Dragonfly Arms
1 - Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Board Cam Plate
1 - Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate FPV Cam Plate
1 - Phoenix Flight Gear Polycarbonate Plate Tab

24 - M3x6 nylon screws
8 - M3x8 BH screws
16 - M2x6 BH screws
4 - M3x12 nylon screws
8 - M3 locknuts
4 - M3 fender washers
4 - M3x30 FF nylon standoffs
8 - M3x35 FF nylon standoffs
4 - M3x13 FF nylon standoffs
4 - M3x3 spacers

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"