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Phoenix Flight Gear Sport Micro Polycarbonate Frame
Phoenix Flight Gear Sport Micro Polycarbonate Frame

Phoenix Flight Gear Sport Micro Polycarbonate Frame

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Sport Micro Polycarbonate Frame

Take this extremely durable night flyer out for some fun.


There are many sport quad frames on the market, but none like this. Based off a popular design style that has proven to be a durable and fun drone to fly. We cut the frame from polycarbonate for two reasons, its high durability and for installing LEDís for night flight. The single piece main frame is cut from 3/16Ē polycarbonate and top plate from 1/16Ē to save weight. There is also an FPV camera kit that allows the installation of a camera should you want to fly FPV.

With the expanding selection of mini quad electronics and easier to tune open source boards coming to market there is a demand for frames that will utilize all of the new products that have come to market. The central frame has mounting for the common 30.5x30.5mm power distribution and flight control spacing. Both the power distribution and flight controller can fit into the center of the frame under the top plate that allows you a little more surface are to secure any additional electronics and protect your gear.

With the installation of an LED kit (sold separately) you will be able to install four 5mm LEDís, one into each corner of the frame to illumination each arm. On our in house model, we stared with the Mini Power Distribution Board with Camera and VTX filters to power the four Rc-Tiger Phoenix Flight Gear Edition MT1306 1900kv motors turning the best in propellers, the T-Motor Carbon Prop 6x2. Feeding these motors we went with an obvious choice, the T-Motor S6A Opto ESCís given there signals from a the Dragon Circuits Sparky flight controller. Motor mounting is on the standard mini motor 12-14mm slots.

Donít buy a new mini quad just to take it all apart and rebuild it! With the new Dragon Circuits flight controller combined with the TAO Labs flight control firmware and programming assistant building a great mini quad has never been easier. The difficult to understand code based programming and complicated and confusing PID settings are eliminated so you need not worry about getting into the air and flying once your quad is built. Just program your flight board, run the auto-tuning program and spend the rest of your night flying.

These mini quad builds should take the novice only a few hours to complete and require basic multirotor and commuter knowledge to program your flight controller. Depending on your choice in build components and flight style, flight time should be 5-7 min. we would recommend a 900-1300mah 3s battery.


PFG Sport Polycarbonate Frame
PFG Sport Polycarbonate Frame Top Plate
4 - 40mm nylon standoffs
4 - 30mm FF nylon standoffs
4 - 10mm FF nylon standoffs
4 - M3x3 spacers
16 - M2x8 screws
8 - M3x8 screws
8 - M3x6 screws
4 - M3x10 screws
Fish line
Adhesive Velcro
Velcro strap

Required tools:
2mm allen wrench
1.3mm allen wrench
Basic build supplies

Required to finish build:
Mini motors
Power distribution
Flight Control

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"