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Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 725mm Spyder Quad / X8 Multicopter Frame
Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 725mm Spyder Quad / X8 Multicopter Frame

Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 725mm Spyder Quad / X8 Multicopter Frame

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Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 725mm

Spyder Quad / X8 Multicopter Frame

All our Phoenix Flight Gear frames are 3K twill weave carbon fiber. We DO NOT USE low quality fiberglass composite sandwiched between 2 THIN LAYERS of carbon fiber!

This frame was designed to be highly transportable with fully collapsible arms that swing back to fold. The frame plates are CNC cut from 1.5mm carbon fiber and are designed to contain all of the electronics internally.

Light weight Powder Coated aluminum arms with 2mm CF vented motor plates keep your motors secure and cool keeping your drone in the air with heavy payloads. With the propellers removed the whole frame can fit into a hard side case making travel to and from flight locations simple.

Keeping all of the electronics internally mounted makes the frame build neat and clean. The frame was designed around the electronics, inside the frame there are mounting locations for your power distribution, ESC's and, flight controllers. Venting holes help cool the ESC's and improves the airflow through the interior of the frame as well. Containing all the flight electronics internally provides a massive area on the top or bottom to mount accessories like, gimbals, FPV, downlinks or anything else you can think of. We have also provided two mounting locations for the DJI Zenmuse H3-2D. One centers the gimbal on the frame and the other keeping the lens in the center of the craft. The goal is to keep your build clean and functional keeping ease of use a key design aspect.

The included landing gear allows 135mm clearance below the frame.If you need more than 135mm below your Transporter to mount larger gimbals or equipment then you can equip the frame with the optional CarbonGear 200mm Carbon Fiber Landing Gear. The taller landing gear combined with the CarbonGear 7mm Rail Mount will allow you to mount an AV130, rail mount brushless gimbal, rail mount accessory / battery plate or any other accessory that has a 80mm width, 7mm rail mount. (taller landing gear and rail mount sold separately)

Construction of the frame is straight forward and easy to understand. There are no: glues, epoxies or resins; no complicated specialty hardware that is hard to find and replace, no overly complicated installation of electronics or searching for a place to mount items. Simple CAD drawings depict the basic construction of the air frame. CAD diagrams show the recommended installation of the electronics. American fasteners simplify the build using three tools, a 1/16" hex, 5/65" hex and, 5/64 nut driver. Phoenix Flight Gear, created and manufactured by pilots for pilots.

Accommodation for electronics mounted internally:

  • Standoffs for ESC mounting / spacing
  • VOLTair ESC powerBoard mounting holes
  • NAZA-M locators
  • OpenPilot CC3D CG mounting
  • Flight controllers with 30.5x30.5mm mounting

Recommended motor: 4S Phoenix Flight Gear 2814P 770kv (Coming soon)

Recommended ESC: Maytech 30a Simon K flashed

Fits up to a 15" prop

**Hard Case available** (Coming soon)

Weight: 644grams

Frame components:

  • 4 - 10" lightweight aluminum arms
  • 2 - CF frame plates (one top, one bottom)
  • 8 - CF motor plates
  • 8 - CF arm reinforcement plates
  • 8 - CF legs

Included hardware:

  • 52 -  4-40x1/4" Screws
  • 20 - 6-32x1/12" Screws
  • 22 - 1" Threaded standoffs
  • 4 - 1/2" Threaded standoffs
  • 4 - LG 1/2" Threaded standoffs
  • 20 - 6-32 Locknuts
  • 4 – Rubber grommets

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"